Traveling to Nepal with kids

Children are extremely difficult to handle, and traveling with them can be even more problematic. However, with a bit of planning, traveling to Nepal with kids can be hassle free. While older kids are not a hassle in coming to Nepal, bringing very small children is not recommended. It is also recommended that you carry out easy activities and refrain from hard treks with children. Mentioned below is the list of advice that you should keep in mind when traveling to Nepal with kids.
•    Main tourist centers like Kathmandu and Pokhara consists of the hotel with triple rooms. Suites with four beds are also easily available on main cities.
•    Play areas like roof garden and gardens are also adequately available on hotels in the main cities of Nepal. Through checking, however, is highly recommended.
•    Bring a backpack or sling for walking in the crowded and narrow streets of Kathmandu. Other cities in Nepal are remarkable less crowded. Pusher and stroller are other important considerations to be kept in mind when traveling to Nepal with kids.
•    Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner in your hotel. This will save hassle in finding adequate food products for your children.
•    Nappy changing facilities and high chairs are rare; you will have to pay extra attention to your small children.
•    Limit the altitude and consider hiring a porter for your small children if you are looking forward to trekking in Nepal. Short treks can be easily carried out with children.
•    Be prepared to bring first aid or stomach troubles that your children might experience because of a different location.
•    Make sure that you have adequate travel health insurance before you decide on traveling to Nepal with kids.
•    Apply insect repellant to your skin before going out.

All in all, traveling to Nepal with kids is not a difficult task. With the correct guidelines and with the selection of children friendly tours and treks, traveling to Nepal with kids will not be a big deal for you. Visit Nepal and help your kids experience the best of this mountainous and culturally beautiful nation.