Trekking With Kids in Nepal

Are you planning about Trekking in Nepal with your kids? Well, most of the peoples have not considered doing this. However, many families now are starting to break the norm and wishing their kids to participate in several things, which they have missed in their early stage.

Whenever you are heading to Nepal for trekking with your kids, the ultimate choice for your trekking route will be Annapurna Poon hill trek, Everest View Short Trek and Nagarkot. It is because it renders excellent views and offers enough safety.

If you are going for Nepal hiking with kids first time, then our blog will be greatly helpful for you because we have mentioned all the important things that every family should know when trekking with kids here.

Things to expect when trekking with kids in Nepal


The trekking will be as easy or as tough as we want it to be. Obviously, everything will be based on our pace. Tons of teahouses are available along the trek, which gives us many destinations to stop for a snack, bathroom, and drinks break. In case, when you have not come across nay teahouses so far, simply sit down under the shaded sacred trees and take rest by enjoying your own drinks and snacks. Once decided to take Nepal trekking tours, it is essential to take some practice to improve our stamina and core strength. Do prepare yourself such as walking up and down the stairs, going for jogging/walking daily, or visiting the gym.

Hire the porter

Since we trek along with the kids, seeking help from the professional assistant and porter to carry our bag is highly useful. Even though we do not bring much in the daypack, hiring porter will walk along with you while carrying a backpack. Keep in mind that you must include kid’s essential items only in your backpack regardless of whether or not hiring the porter.

For kids

We can even hire a porter to carry our kids when wishing to carry the kids all the time. This is a reasonable solution if your children used to walk a bit and then get tired and insist you carry them.  The porter will be comfortable with your child and carry them either on their shoulders or on back. When your kids are little, it is suggested to bring the hiking baby carrier.

Along with these things, ensure you have booked special accommodation, which will be comfortable for your kids and have a good bathroom, restaurants, and other essential facilities.

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