Everest base Camp Trekking Tips

Simple Tips for Trekking to Everest Base Camp

Nepal is a famous destination for many travelers around the world for the different adventure activity. Every year, lots of travelers from around the world can go to Nepal for visiting wonderful attractions. Trekking is a popular adventure activity that excellent for the trekkers to trek high altitude of peak. Reaching Everest base camp is ideal for trekkers to view the beautiful peak. Before trekking to the peak, the trekkers must consider major things. We give the complete details about the trekking tips to customers.

( Tips ) Is Everest base camp trek is safe?

There is no doubt that Everest base camp trek completely safe by accessing local trekking agent. You can get the lifetime experience of visiting traditional monasteries, palaces, and others.

( Tips ) How much for Everest base camp Trek?

The cost of Everest base camp trekking is varied based on the duration. The cost is fixed by the trekking agency in Nepal.

( Tips ) How difficulty is Everest base camp Trek?

The trek becomes difficulty due to travelers spend several days. It is a gradual elevation over numerous days of trekking 4000 meters. The trekkers must have great altitude experience prior to tackling base camp.  It is better to know how your body reacts at a great height.

( Tips ) How long does it take to Everest base camp?

Usually, the trek takes twelve days to reach the peak. It requires eight days to reach base camp and four days to return back down.

(Tips) What is different between private trek and group joining the trek?

Private trek means that you trek to the peak with the private guide.  You can get independent service from the expert and really feel better.

On the other hand, group joining the trek is an ideal option for people to connect with each other and share thoughts.

What is the elevation of Everest base camp trek?

The elevation is the most challenging concern for the travelers. The trekkers can reach over 2600 meter. The elevation is ranged from 400 to 800 meter per day. The travelers can attain base camp at 5380 meters (17600 feet).

Is Everest base camp trek can do without a guide?

No, you must access the guide to do Everest base camp trek. We arrange the best guide that well-known to find out the proper route to reach the destination.  The guide manages great experience and skill about trekking. The guide helps you lot during the trip.

What do I expect during Everest base camp trek?

The place is rich in flora and fauna and welcomes travelers very much. We take you to walk over green hills, stunning waterfalls, glacier, lakes, forest, and so on. The travelers visit Sagarmatha national park and view different species in the mountain region. You can locate Sherpa village and meet the friendly people.

What is AMS?

Possibly, people can also affect from Acute mountain sickness because of the body is being in high altitude environment. It is a common problem that faced when travelers reach at high altitude. The travelers can experience different symptoms like fatigue, headache, dizziness, nausea, and others start twelve to twenty-four hours.

Which month is the best for Everest base camp Trek?

The trekkers can hike the peak in the month of September to November and March to May. During this month, travelers can regularly trek to Everest base camp. The weather is very fine and clear from this month. Almost, every traveler prefers this month to trek the peak. hopefully, these tips will definitely help your interest.